Initial Coin Offerings Evaluation

What should you expect from this website?

Initial Coin Offerings - ICO, also known as Token Generating Events, have been used by many organizations in the latest years.

Some of those organizations use the Stellar platform to issue and sell those tokens. Because of that, I decided to create this website and clarify some important aspects about ICOs, as well as evaluate the most known organizations that used Stellar to raise money through ICO.

Organizations evaluated

  1. Sure Remit ▼
  2. ZED Currency ▼
  3. Mobius network ▼
  4. Smartlands ▼
  5. Pedity ▼
  6. HTKN ▼
  7. Heir ▼
  8. Paket ▼
  9. Scopuly ▼
  10. Woolf ▼

Who am I?

I am Luisa Nogueira and work with copywriting. Recently, I decided to work with Galactic Talk and provide a useful guide to interested investors that would like to buy ICOs built on Stellar. More than a guide, I want to provide updated evaluations about the organizations that built ICO on Stellar, so you can have a better idea of what should you look for when investing in Inital Coin Offerings.